For over 20 years, Pete Marino has invested his personal and professional integrity in every client meeting, every choice made and every promise delivered throughout the process of designing and building the custom homes that bear his name.

“It’s my name, my company,” he says. “So I make sure the whole process – from the initial architectural meetings to the final walk-through – focuses on our client’s vision, and that I remain accessible throughout that process.”

You will sense quality from the moment you walk into a Marino Custom Home. You will feel it in the expert craftsmanship, attention to detail, uncompromising construction methods and high-grade materials Pete Marino incorporates into every custom home he builds.

And for Pete, superior communication is just as critical as superior construction. Each distinctive Marino Home stands as a testament to the unique partnership formed between Pete Marino and his clients.  “We want each home we build for our clients to be uniquely theirs,” says Pete. “We build not only lasting investments but homes that reflect each client’s style and personality.”